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Coaching Packages for Startups

You can select one or more of these packages depending upon your current needs. No wrong choices - we'll work with your during our discovery process to learn about your specific needs.

Marketing Team

Business Development

Prepare to operate at higher volume smoothly and profitably.

This package includes reviewing your revenue model, pricing, and financial overview to ensure you have a profitable business model that can scale well. We also coach you on “Business Intelligence”, which is a method of making solid decisions based on actual data.

Establishing specific, reasonable Goals
Ensuring a profitable Revenue Model
Determining how many leads are needed
Intro to Business Intelligence


Marketing Strategy

Build a roadmap to increase awareness, clarify value, and polish your brand experience.

Identifying who you are as a company, the persona you wish to convey, identifying who your clients are and how to best highlight the value of what you offer.

The Unique Value Proposition you offer
Reaching your Target Demographic effectively
Industry Specifics
Market Research
Determining appropriate Tactics
Establishing a positive Perception of your company

Making a Purchase

Lead Generation

Target high-value prospects with appropriate tactics.

This is where we help you establish "lead funnels", determine the best route for creating awareness of your company, and work towards sourcing high-value leads.

Lead Funnel Planning
Sales Process Review - Close more deals
Content Creation Strategy
Landing Page Review
Applying Strategy & Tactics


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