Is your website truly an asset for your business?

Roughly 90% of web pages earn no traffic from search engines (according to a study by AHREFS).

This is terrible - all the effort put in to creating that content was essentially wasted.

We have helped a variety of companies earn more highly-relevant organic traffic to their sites, and would love to help you achieve similar results.

Successful increase of Google Search impressions with a recent Nexus project:

increased Google Search impressions

How does it work?

Part 1: Research

Use strategy and research to INTENTIONALLY create content, rather than feeling pressure to write about something random to check "publish blog post" off the list for this week.

Proper research includes not just looking at keywords and the language used by your customers, but also understanding their awareness level and intent.

Part 2: Technical

In order for search engine crawlers to understand what you site is about, it is important to provide a variety of "metadata". This helps Google/Bing/etc categorize your content and connect relevant searchers with your site.

Other factors include how quickly the website loads, title and heading tags, and other considerations you probably don't care to know about.

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