Is your website truly an asset for your business?

In order for a business website to be an effective marketing tool, it must do two things: Attract and Convert.

PPC campaigns, also known as pay-per-click or digital ads, is one way to handle the Attraction side of things. It is a tactic that entices people who likely need what you offer, but may not be proactively searching for it.

Benefits of Paid Digital Ads

  1. 1. It can work very quickly, generally faster than SEO.
  2. 2. They can be used to reach those you can help, but who may not be aware of your brand.
  3. 3. Detailed analytics allow for proper attribution of which ads and targeting options are working best.
  4. 4. It increase brand awareness, and can help increase market share.
  5. 5. It is generally possible estimate the traffic a campaign will receive, and extrapolate expected results.
  6. 6. Digital ads can be scaled up or down to match backlog and seasonal fluctuations.

Can you set up and manage digital ad campaigns yourself?

There are various options for businesses which are intended to be user-friendly, easy ways to get started with digital advertising.

This includes Facebook's "Boost" option and Google's AdWords Express, now known as "Smart Campaigns".

Although it is possible for someone without much marketing experience to set up a campaign quickly, it is rare for these options to be particularly effective.

Most of the accounts we audit using these particular tools are wasting most of their budget.

You are probably wondering why, and what the problem is.

The issue with the quick and easy tools is that they remove many of the features and options that allow campaigns to be run effectively.

Think of training wheels - they can help get you started if you are new, but soon enough they merely get in your way.

We run ad campaigns using the full-featured interfaces, and can apply advanced tactics and techniques to ensure a positive return is earned on your marketing investment.

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