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Is your website truly an asset for your business?

In order for a business website to be an effective marketing tool, it must do two things: Attract and Convert.

No matter how visitors arrive at your site, it is important for a portion of them to actually complete your Call To Action.

You can increase the odds of this happening by properly supporting their buyer journey. First, we must consider their average awareness level:

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Customer Awareness Levels

  1. 1. Unaware - The customer does not even know they have a particular problem, or are not taking it seriously.
  2. 2. Pain Aware - The customer acknowledges the problem, but does not know what to do about it.
  3. 3. Solution Aware - The prospect understands general solution types, but not that your company has a specific solution.
  4. 4. Product Aware - The prospect is now aware that your company could help them, and now it is time to show why your solution is the right one for them.
  5. 5. Fully Aware - They now have all the relevant information needed to make a decision and become a customer.

If most of your prospects are in the early stages of awareness, then educational content is key. It helps build a relationship of trust and establishes your expertise.

For later stages, you want to highlight what makes your company and solution unique, who you can help best, and evidence of having helped others who have the same problem or situation.

Focus on Benefits

People do not buy products or services for their own sake - they buy solutions.

Their goal involves improving their lives in some way, either through finding comfort or avoiding pain.

The B2B version is that companies want to either save money or make more of it. Most purchasing decisions have one of these goals at their root.

Supporting Elements

Social proof such as reviews and testimonials, case studies, and success stories are powerful supporting elements.

Have a clear, strong Call To Action so they know the next step.

Use compelling language to naturally lead the prospect through the purchasing process.

Our Approach

The first step is auditing your analytics to establish the current baseline performance. Then, we can determine realistic goals and milestones.

We work with you to identify any missing elements, formulate Calls To Action, and improve the buyer journey or flow of your website.

Once a plan is in place, we test variations to see what performs the best. Only trying one version of sales copy is a common mistake - how likely is it that you can simply sit down once and immediately crank out the highest-performing verbiage possible?

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