The value of a marketing audit, when you should have one done, and our approach to the process.

What is the Goal of a Marketing Audit?

The goal of a marketing audit is to discover what your competitors and industry leaders are doing with their online marketing, and find areas of opportunity.

You can (and should) look at how your competitors and industry leaders are marketing their related products. This should give you a feel for what works, and where you may be able to stand out.

What platforms and channels are they using? Inbound, outbound, specific ad types, etc.

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of the audit, it should be clear what the common tactics in your industry are.


We will analyze their website to determine what content is driving traffic, see how user-friendly it is, and find areas of opportunity to do better.



Search Results

What shows up when you search for that company?

What are the top results when searching for the service/product provided?

Social Media

We can check and see if they are running Facebook ads.

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