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They are SO GREAT at educating you, from a high level perspective, on the things you should know and what flags to look for. They are thorough in their work, and I can tell that they are really spending quality time with my project and applying their expertise to the strategy.
client testimonial
Nexus is a great resource for anyone wanting to get their message heard in a digital world. They not only provided awesome service but also taught me so much about my own business to help me grow on my own too.

How It Works

1: Site Audit & Research

A thorough analysis to find areas of opportunity to improve.

  • Keyword research
  • Customer Journey analysis

2: Optimize Your Site

Achieve service clarity and support the Customer Journey.

  • Specific recommendations to address technical issues.
  • Implementation is handled by your existing website developer.

3: Content Plan

Create new content that is engineered to earn traffic, without struggling with writer’s block.

content writing
  • Topics for your team to create content around
  • Keywords, sub-topics, and FAQs to use to flesh out articles
  • Includes up to 3 article outlines

So What's it Cost?

Audits are Free.

This is how we determine if your project is a good match.

No Contract!

Simple SEO Service pricing:


One time fee

  • Clear, simple pricing for small business SEO
  • No contracts or further commitments
  • One time fee, no endless payments
  • Maximum ROI

Bonus Resource

Our SEO Best Practices Guide

15+ pages of concepts and insights you can apply to your digital marketing efforts.

Access is included for all of our clients.

SEO Best Practices Guide

Improve your Lead Generation

Who We Help

Small Businesses

Bring stability to your sales pipeline. SEO offers excellent long-term ROI.

B2B Service Providers

The demographic we know best! Our business is helping other businesses.

Growing Brands

Get better data on where your leads are coming from, and scale your growth.

"Thorough and professional. ...did an amazing job at uncovering inefficiencies and quickly brought them to light. 100% recommend."
Green Leaf Energy
"Just reviewed, these look so wonderful. You put WAY more thought into these than anyone else I've worked with."
Chelsea Williams
Business Owner

You have questions about SEO. We have answers.

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to provide free traffic, as opposed to paying for ads.

Showing up prominently in the search results helps build awareness of your brand, and establish expertise.

This depends upon two things:

  1. The initial and lifetime values of your average customer.
  2. The conversion rate of a website visitor into paying customer.

The first part is up to you.

The second, we address by ensuring that highly-relevant traffic is targeted. What good are visitors if they never buy?

We also assist with optimizing your conversion rate by helping you better support the Customer Journey. Content should not only earn traffic, it should compel people to purchase as well.

  1. A thorough audit of your website content, as well as the relevant technical details.
  2. A list of keywords to target, based on your customer demographic and the solutions you provide.
  3. Recommendations of what to fix with your existing pages and content, to better optimize for earning traffic.
  4. Content outlines, so you can easily create new web pages engineered to earn relevant traffic.
  5. Our SEO Best Practices Guide – 15+ pages of concepts and insights you can apply to your digital marketing efforts.

We specialize in one-off SEO services. This means a one-time, flat-fee boost for your digital marketing. No ongoing monthly contracts.

If you are interested in additional phases, we have options for that too.

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We have the Training

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification
Content Marketing Certification
Google Analytics Certification


It’s all about ROI.

You may not have as big of a marketing budget as industry leaders, but can likely create most of the content in-house, meaning your investment is minimal.

The return value of Search Engine Optimization is generally quite high – once the content is published, it tends to perform better and better over time at earning you leads and revenue.

Analytics and metrics are areas we really enjoy working with. We can tame and interpret your data so you better understand how people are finding your website and your business.

Digital ads and tactics are generally easy to track, so you know what is working – and what isn’t. From there, we optimize to achieve the most impact for your revenue.

If you view your website as an expense – you are not alone. Did you know your website can not only help you attract new customers, but close more deals with existing leads? Supporting sales and other areas of your business is a genuine possibility – we can show you how.

Content Marketing can be a very effective way to build your brand recognition, and establish expertise.

Our competitor audits can help uncover the tactics used by organizations you admire, and can help you compete on a higher level.

It’s important to know which platforms and opportunities are worth putting resources towards. If you’re experiencing frustration in a particular area, it may be time to either try something else, or bring in a professional to whip it into shape.

SEO, content marketing, and earned media can all help boost your rankings and organic traffic. These techniques are often very detailed, but our experience in these areas can be an asset for your growth.