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Nexus Growth Coaching is a strategic marketing agency that helps small businesses achieve goals.

Entrepeneurs and startups can advantage of our free online learning resources which offer an introduction to marketing concepts.

Established companies benefit most from our customized 1-1 coaching sessions where we work with you directly to achieve your company's growth goals.

DIY Learning

Articles and videos explaining marketing basics.

Start Learning


Guides and tools to help grow your business.

Take Action


From strategy to web development.

How can we help?

A customer review from the owner of uVest Advisory Group in Newburgh, IN:

Positive Customer Review
Owner Clint in the Nexus office

Hello, I'm Clint Tepe, Owner of Nexus Growth Coaching.

Our mission is to help small businesses meet their goals.

What are you doing to find and nurture new business every day?

We would love to learn about your company's growth goals!

Show return on your marketing efforts.

Generating leads, processing them reliably, and following up with your customers is key to any business.

Regardless of your organization's industry - there are ways to connect you with high-potential customers and maintain long-term client relationships.

We assist by providing skill coaching and tactics implementation to find what works well for your specific organization.

Business Development

Prepare to function at higher volume smoothly and profitably.

Marketing Strategy

Build a roadmap to clarify value and polish your brand experience.

Lead Generation

Target high-value prospects with appropriate tactics.

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