What is Growth Coaching?

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So, you're interested in accelerating your business, but perhaps have not worked with an advisor on this before.

Here's a quick rundown of how we can help you succeed:

1. Skill Improvement

We work with business owners and sales professionals like you (along with your team) to improve your understanding of business development, marketing strategy, and lead generation strategies.

Not just theory though - we recommend specific tactics and help you get started taking real action.

The result is more confidence that you can grow and become even more successful.

2. Accountability & Outside Feedback

There are benefits from working with someone outside your organization to help provide perspective and accountability.

Sole proprietors and small teams have a tendency to get "stuck in their own head", and may lose focus on priorities at times.

Especially in the early stages, it can be addictive to focus a little too much on your services or product features, and forget to get input and feedback from potential customers.

Ensuring your time and resources are spent on tasks and objectives that will move you closer to your goals is part of what we do.

3. Build a Foundation for Growth

Many businesses are started becuase of an interest in a particular field or industry.

However, expertise in these areas does not necessarily include experience building a company... or getting clients.

Is your goal sustainable self-employment, or building a company - one with staff, repeatable processes, and an established prospect list?

You are the expert in your field - Nexus can show you how to generate sales so that you get to focus on your area of specialty!

Owner Clint in the Nexus office

Hello, I'm Clint Tepe, Owner of Nexus Growth Coaching.

We help businesses achieve their growth goals through coaching and DIY learning resources.

Nexus can also "Do it for you" by handling implementation of digital marketing tactics.

How do I get started?

Business Development

Prepare to function at higher volume profitably.

Marketing Strategy

Clarify value and polish your brand experience.

Lead Generation

Target high-value prospects with appropriate tactics.

Process Documentation

Organize your operations, clarifying both roles and tasks.

Service Launch

Validate market demand and engage with customers.

Cost Reduction

Enable your existing staff to work more efficiently.

Work with Nexus

Let's Talk - Share your thoughts and questions with our team.