What is Business Growth Coaching?

Business Growth Coaching Definition

Simply put, it is help to build your brand and accelerate progress toward your goals.

You're interested in accelerating your business, but perhaps have not worked with an outside expert on this before.

There are a lot of reasons to do so, ranging from a lack of time to get everything done to requiring new strategies and insights.

After all, you are an expert in your field, but may not have quite as much experience marketing and selling.

Many companies hit pain points that can be difficult to break through. An unbiased perspective can help a lot with maintaining focus on what truly matters to achieve your goals.

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Why do I need a business coach?

If you constantly strive to do better, achieve more, and want to make faster progress than you can on your own, coaching may be for you.

An effective coach will challenge you, and help you break out of your comfort zone.

For growth coaching specifically, often we work with business owners who aren't quite sure how to grow beyond the current plateau effectively.

You may want to explore additional revenue streams, add new funnels, or get more value from your existing clients.

What Our Clients Say

Positive LinkedIn Recommendation - Ami

I highly recommend Clint. As a new small business owner, I needed help with everything from marketing to social media presence. He makes sure to ask what your goals are and designs his coaching to help you get there. Clint is a wealth of information. You can't go wrong with Nexus!

Positive LinkedIn Recommendation - Erik

Great having Clint around during brainstorming sessions. He always knows the right questions to ask! Also a guru with all things digital in regards to marketing and online presence!

What should I expect from a business coach?

Business growth coaching should not only provide advice and guidance, but also a mindset framework for making decisions, based on your stage of business and position in the market.

Accountability is a large part of this, and is something most of our clients mention as being important to their success.

Someone who will "tell it like it is" and spur professional development. Friends and colleagues may be a bit too supportive or biased, and not want to mention things that don't appear to be working well.

Your business coach should compliment your skillset, not mimic it. The whole point is to balance perspective and address areas that could use improvement.

Other resources such as books and online courses can help, but lack personalized recommendations from the context of actually knowing your situation, skills, and personality.

Such options do have value, and can be quite useful for entrepreneurs just starting their journey. We even offer some of these resources types, just for that audience.

But when you are serious about building a brand, 1-1 coaching is the way to go.

Owner Clint in the Nexus office

Hello, I'm Clint Tepe, Owner of Nexus Growth Coaching.

We work with business owners and entrepreneurs who want to scale their revenue.

Nexus can also "Do it for you" by handling implementation of digital marketing tactics.

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How We Work

Every project starts with a 2-part free consultation process.

We get to know you and your business goals, and take the time to make sure we can truly help before any money is received.

The goal is to make sure we are a good fit for each other, will work well together, and can help you achieve your goals

Although we occasionally do one-off projects, most of our clients work with us for at least 3 months.

We strongly believe in starting with a strong base, and then layering in additional tactics when the time is right.

Every company has their own unique situation and considerations.

Business Coaching Near Me

We work with independent businesses across the US, and regularly use web conferencing to connect. Whether down the road or 6 states away, we can communicate effectively.

Use the contact form below or give us a call at (812) 682-0161 to schedule your discovery session, and see how we can help!

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Business Coaching for Startups

Do you have specific, tangible business goals?

The SMART methodology is a great way to organize what you want to achieve. Goals are critical for achieving growth!

Are you meeting those goals, or falling a bit short?

Some businesses can't even answer that question, because they are not tracking the right metrics. Nexus can help implement analytics for your company.

Is lack of time overwhelming?

Working efficiently and effectively takes practice. There are various tools and methods we can coach on to help save your time.

Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Do you struggle with what to focus on?

There are seemingly endless options for where to spend your time and resources - sometimes outside perspective can help prioritize.

Feeling alone?

We've been there too. It's nice to discuss problems and solutions with someone who understands and has practical insights.

Are your current advertising efforts both measurable and cost-effective?

Digital ads and tactics are generally easy to track, so you know what is working - and what isn't. From there, we optimize to achieve the most impact for your revenue.

Do you feel like your marketing plan is outdated or unorganized?

If you haven't put much time into this since opening 5 years ago, it's (past) time to revisit. Nexus will work with you to create, document, and implement a comprehensive plan for growth.

Could your sales team use additional support?

Often, sales positions are commission based, and new hires feel like it is a "sink or swim" situation. Give them the support they need to succeed - not only for themselves but also for your company.

Are you ready to move beyond "getting the word out"?

Anyone can throw money at ads, but it takes experience and insight to achieve a positive ROI.

Do you strive to become an Industry Leader?

Our competitor audits can help uncover the tactics used by organizations you admire, and can help you compete on a higher level.

Has social media been a waste of time?

It's important to know which platforms and opportunities are worth putting resources towards. If you're experiencing frustration in a particular area, it may be time to either try something else, or bring in a professional to whip it into shape.

Here's how Nexus Growth Coaching can help you succeed:

1. Skill Improvement

We work with business owners and sales professionals like you (along with your team) to improve your understanding of business development, marketing strategy, and lead generation strategies.

Not just theory though - we recommend specific tactics and help you get started taking real action.

The result is more confidence that you can grow and become even more successful.

2. Accountability & Outside Feedback

There are benefits from working with someone outside your organization to help provide perspective and accountability.

Sole proprietors and small teams have a tendency to get "stuck in their own head", and may lose focus on priorities at times.

Especially in the early stages, it can be addictive to focus a little too much on your services or product features, and forget to get input and feedback from potential customers.

Ensuring your time and resources are spent on tasks and objectives that will move you closer to your goals is part of what we do.

3. Build a Foundation for Growth

Many businesses are started because of an interest in a particular field or industry.

However, expertise in these areas does not necessarily include experience building a company... or getting clients.

Is your goal sustainable self-employment, or building a company - one with staff, repeatable processes, and an established prospect list?

You are the expert in your field - Nexus can show you how to generate sales so that you get to focus on your area of specialty!

Business Growth Coaching Services

Business Development

Prepare to function at higher volume profitably.

Marketing Strategy

Clarify value and polish your brand experience.

Lead Generation

Target high-value prospects with appropriate tactics.

Process Documentation

Organize your operations, clarifying both roles and tasks.

Service Launch

Validate market demand and engage with customers.

Cost Reduction

Enable your existing staff to work more efficiently.