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Getting Started: Our Free Discovery Process

Running your business can get a bit overwhelming at times, though this can be tough to admit.

You may not have anyone on your team who is qualified to lend a hand with the development and overall direction of the company.

No one wants to waste time doing the wrong thing, so wouldn't it be nice to have some big-picture assistance?

Our Free Discovery Process helps uncover gaps in your business plan, revenue model, and marketing efforts.

We then recommend ways to make improvements, and can get involved with implementation.

If you are a small business owner/operator unsure as to how to make the best use of your time, then we may be a great fit!

How We Can Help:

  • Business Plan Refinement
  • Service Value Clarity
  • Revenue Model / Profitability
  • Automating Lead Generation
  • Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

Grow Your Business

Schedule a Discovery Session

The Discovery Session is an opportunity to share your goals and questions with our team.

Owner Clint

Hi, I'm Clint Tepe, Owner of Nexus Growth Coaching.

Our mission is to help small businesses meet their goals.

What are you doing to find and nurture new business every day? We’d love to learn about your company's growth goals!

Take a look below at how our Discovery Process works - if it sounds like a good fit, simply fill out the form and we'll schedule a discussion time.

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Ready to take the next step towards growing your business?

Our FREE 3-Step Discovery Process

1. Identify Marketing Gaps

We start with a simple conversation.

Learning about your business and about current situation is our initial goal. Along the way, we'll ask about what comprises your current and previous marketing efforts to get a feel for what you are familiar with.

The result of the Discovery Session is that you end up with a clear view of where your strengths are, and which areas could be improved.

2. Create a Roadmap

With the "Gaps" from our previous session in hand, we will help guide you through how the problem areas can be addressed.

This includes selecting from a variety of sales funnel types to find what will work well for your industry and growth goals.

The result of the Roadmap Session is an actionable, clear strategy for moving forward. This may mean increasing sales, generating more leads, or simply stabilizing the ups and downs.

3. Make Improvements

If any of the actions contained in the Roadmap align with our services, we can of course provide a quote for working with you further.

We cover everything from advanced strategy formation to actually implementing tools and automation to help you grow your business.

The idea is to do this in such a way that it doesn't bog down your existing staff or require a lot of hands-on upkeep.

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Our main focus: Achieving Your Business Growth Goals.

We're always glad to discuss what actions can be taken to provide you with both quick results and a lasting strategy.

How would you like to see your business grow?

Let's Talk - Share your thoughts and questions with our team.