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Website Push Notifications

Are you email opt-in conversion rates low? You may need to look at another way of connecting with your audience.

Privacy Concerns

People are hesitant to hand out their email, especially if this is their first interaction with your brand.

Their inbox is already clogged, and they do not want to add to the ever-increasing pile.

Perhaps it isn't clear as to what sort of content you will send them, or what the value is.

They will likely assume you will simply be pitching them on your product or services, if you do not explain what they can expect.

Value Clarity

Why should someone provide their email, subscribe to your YouTube channel, or follow you on other social media?

Let them know in clear terms the value of your content, and how it will benefit them.

Help them understand what to expect (an immediate welcome message, free resource, exclusive weekly content, etc).

Advantages of Push Notifications

One Click Opt-in - They don't even have to move their hand away from their mouse or type anything.

They can unsubscribe at any time.

No personally identifiable data is transferred. It's all based on their browser, not them.

Why You should give it a try

By providing an alterative, you conversion rates will go up. Opt-in rates for push notifications are typcially higher than email, and the total of the two is of course much higher.

No spam filters to fight. As long as they are subscribed and actually open their web browser occasionally (who doesn't??), they WILL see your notification. They may not click through, but at least it was delivered successfully.

As with any CTA (Call To Action), don't forget to offer something relevant, and segment your audience.

It's a free way to retarget those who are already engaged with your brand! There are premium providers of course, but also free plans you can start with.

Nexus Growth Coaching can help your website achieve higher conversion rates.

Yes, I want more conversions!

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