First, what is it?

A Marketing Plan is a detailed documentation of the desired Goals, along with the Strategy and Tactics to be used in achieving them.

A marketing plan will help you make better decisions about growing your business.

When should you create a marketing plan?

Ideally, this should be done in the planning stages before the company is even created. Your service or product is pointless if no one is willing to pay for it.

Market research should be conducted, your audience determined, and ideas formed on how to reach them.

All of this should happen before you launch, but sometimes this isn't given proper attention. You can always do this now, and see improvements moving forward.

If you did create a plan on how to sell your offerings when the business was formed, but that has been a few years ago, then it may be time to revisit.

A lot can change in a year or two - even if your industry is fairly consistent, marketing tactics change constantly. The digital realm especially.

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What goes into the plan?

Marketing plan components include:

  • Market Research Results
  • Target Demographic
  • Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
  • Your overall Strategy
  • Details on what platforms and tactics to use

Market Research

You will want to include results from your research efforts, including survey results, questionnaires, etc.

Have you interviewed both prospects and paying customers about their pain points, questions, and potential objections related to the solutions you offer?

Target Demographic

This is a definition of the group of people you want to reach - those you can help and who are likely to do business with you.

Unique Value Proposition

What makes you stand out? How is your business unique?

The question in the customer's mind you need to answer is "Why should I do business with you?"


This is where you outline the overall plan of attack.

How will you achieve the goals you set?

Details & Tactics

How - specifically - will you execute your strategy?

What will you and your team do in order to achieve your mission?

Brand Blueprint

Keep the whole team organized regarding your marketing assets with a "brand blueprint" or "brand style guide".

A thorough one will include the following:

  • Logos in various formats, along with guidance on how to use (spacing, size, aspect ratio)
  • Color scheme / palatte
  • Fonts
  • Tone of voice - the personality of your brand
  • Description of desired style for graphics, imagery, video, and other media elements

How to document?

You should make sure that once you take the time to create it, your plan should be well documented.

It is worth some extra effort in order to be sure that your team can access, understand, and update this documentation.

The highlights of your marketing strategy should be easy for anyone in the company to comprehend.

After all, "everyone is involved in sales, no matter what department they work in" - so it will be helpful to have everyone understand basics such as your UVP.

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Do you feel like your marketing plan is outdated or unorganized?

If you haven't put much time into this since opening 5 years ago, it's (past) time to revisit. Use this marketing plan template to fix this quickly! If you need some additional help, Nexus will work with you to create, document, and implement a comprehensive plan for growth.

Are your current advertising efforts both measurable and cost-effective?

Digital ads and tactics are generally easy to track, so you know what is working - and what isn't. From there, we optimize to achieve the most impact for your revenue.

Are you ready to move beyond "getting the word out"?

Anyone can throw money at ads, but it takes experience and insight to achieve a positive ROI.

Does your website actually bring in business?

If you view your website as an expense - you are not alone. Did you know your website can not only help you attract new customers, but close more deals with existing leads? Supporting sales and other areas of your business is a genuine possibility - we can show you how.

Do you strive to become an Industry Leader?

Our competitor audits can help uncover the tactics used by organizations you admire, and can help you compete on a higher level.

Has social media been a waste of time?

It's important to know which platforms and opportunities are worth putting resources towards. If you're experiencing frustration in a particular area, it may be time to either try something else, or bring in a professional to whip it into shape.

Ever Googled your business? How about the service / product terms you should be ranking for?

SEO, content marketing, and earned media can all help boost your rankings and organic traffic. These techniques are often very detailed, but our experience in these areas can be an asset for your growth.

Could your sales team use additional support?

Often, sales positions are commission based, and new hires feel like it is a "sink or swim" situation. Give them the support they need to succeed - not only for themselves but also for your company.