Everyone has to start somewhere, and we’re happy to introduce you to marketing basics.

Let’s begin with some definitions to establish a solid understanding what we’ll be dealing with.

Marketing Definition

Marketing is the means by which an organization generates awareness of it’s services or products among a group of people who are likely to be interested in them.

Marketing Research Definition

Marketing Research is the process of determining who your customers will be, how many might actually make a purchase from you - and at what price range, and what the total monetary value of that market is.

Marketing Assets Definition

Marketing assets are anything used to promote your business. This includes your logo and graphics, branding materials, website, newsletters, fliers, etc.

Marketing Goals Definition

Marketing Goals are specific milestones of prospect awareness and interest which the organization desires to achieve.

Marketing Strategy Definition

Marketing Strategy is a plan for generating targeted customer awareness to create the opportunity for sales.

It is the way in which the organization intends to stand out by highlighting their Unique Value Proposition.

Strategy involves projecting the personality of the business, to attract like-minded buyers. Establishing the perception of the company in the prospective customer’s mind.

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Marketing Tactics Definition

Marketing Tactics are specific methods for achieving the established goals.

This describes how the strategy will be implemented, and often includes the more technical aspects, especially when digital channels are used.

Marketing Plan Definition

A Marketing Plan is a detailed documentation of the desired Goals, along with the Strategy and Tactics to be used in achieving them.

This is where all the above come together, providing an easy way for everyone involved to understand how their portion fits into the overall process.

Now that you have a better understanding of the basics of marketing, let’s take a look at some marketing strategy examples.

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