Learn how to make closing deals a more natural process for both parties.

Core Audience

Think about who your target audience is - your core demographic.

Envisioning this (via buyer personas) helps you become more conversational with your messaging and ads.

Sales Process Steps

What are the steps in your sales process?

These are all the things that happen between a lead becoming aware of your existence, all the way through closing the deal.

This is could involve a free consultation, or perhaps trial use of a product or service.

It is important to map these steps out, use them in your CRM, and track how well leads flow through this funnel.

If you find that a lot of people drop off at a particular stage, then you have identified a "leak" and can fix it.

Closing a higher percentage of deals mean you don't have to bring in as many leads, or spend as much time working them, in the first place.

How do you provide value to prospects?

This is where you demonstrate expertise.

Clients may not understand all the options they have, so you can offer guidance.

What is the awareness level of a typical prospect?

1. Unaware - They don't even know they have a potential problem.

2. Pain / Problem Aware - Not sure what to do about it.

3. Solution Aware - They now understand what the options are, and are narrowing down which types are the best fit.

4. Product Aware - The customer desires a specific type of solution, and is ready to make a purchase.

Keep the awareness level of a typical lead in mind when crafting your message, and creating value content.

How do you determine their needs?

Ask thorough questions to get past symptoms and determine root problems.

Quality of data is even more important than quantity.


By targeting a specific audience and having a well-defined sales process, you spend less time on prospects that have little likelihood of doing business with you.

Provide value relevant to your audience by understanding their awareness level.

Needs Finding is a critical point of the sales process - this is where a customer with a problem you can solve should naturally progress to saying “yes” and closing the deal.

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