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What is Earned Media?

Definition: Mentions of a brand, product, or person by an independent third party, generally in a favorable way.

The Value

You can boast about yourself, or your mom can say how smart you are. We all know neither of these have any real-world impact.

Being worthy of external recognition and praise is a great way to build your brand.

More mentions equals more people wanting to learn more about what you do, and how you can potentially help them.

Earning this type of attention from a publication that has a high degree of relevancy (meaning their audience is similar to yours) can be incredibly valuable for your company's growth.

How to Get More

Simply put, you have to deserve it. It's called "earned" for good reason.

1. Do something worthy of being talked about.

This could be hosting an event, volunteering for a charity, or doing something unique and wholesome.

2. Build relationships

Invite a reporter for your local newspaper or business publication to coffee (preferably one that covers relevant topics), and ask about what they are looking for. Don't ask for anything, just learn about them. Perhaps you can make some connections for them, and in time can get your business talked about when there is something significant to report.

Grand openings, new hires, X years in business are all topics commonly mentioned in local media outlets.

Participate in online forums and groups. Build rapport and influence by being helpful.

3. Help a Reporter Out

If you haven't heard of it, Help a Reporter Out (aka HARO) can be a great way to get some media attention on your expertise.

Basically, it helps you as a source of information connect with reporters and journalists looking for content, quotes, etc for their stories.

I regularly find opportunities (called Queries) relevant for Nexus. Two of my submissions (called Pitches) were accepted within the first week of subscribing.

The pieces typically take a few weeks to get published, but are a great way to build backlinks and position yourself as a thought leader.

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