Want to remove a video previously uploaded to your account? Keep reading to learn how.

If you think that a video posted from an account you don’t own needs to be removed, you can report the video - if it violates the YouTube terms of service or Copyright laws.

As an example, one of our first uploads was simply for testing purposes, so we can remove it.

1. Log in

Go to studio.youtube.com to log in and get to the correct account (if you have multiple).

2. Go to your account videos

Using the left menu, click on "Videos".

3. Select the video to remove

Hover the video that you’d like to delete. When you do this, you’ll see two buttons appear: a play button and an "options" button (three stacked dots). Click on the stacked dots to open up a menu of your options.

You also have the option to change Visibility from Public to Private if you prefer, rather than permanently deleting your video.

3. Options > Delete

Once the options menu has been opened, select "Delete" from the bottom.

4. Confirm

You will be prompted to confirm that you do indeed wish to permanently delete this particular video.

Check the box, click "Delete Video", and that's it!

A message will display at the bottom of the window letting you know that your video has been removed, and it will disappear from the list of videos.

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