Create a LinkedIn Company Profile

You likely have profile for yourself, but what about for your business?

Watch the video or follow the instructions (with screenshot examples) below.

1. Log in and click Work

Go to (we'll assume you already have a profile for yourself).

Go to the top right and click "Work" (tiled icon).

2. Create a Company Page

In the sidebar that appears on the right, go to the bottom and click on "Create a Company Page + "

3. Select Business Type

Your choices are Small Business, Medium - Large Business, Showcase Page, or Educational Institution.

4. Input Company Details

Now you get to fill in all the details about your company, including name, industry, size, etc.

It is important to put in your website so that people can go to it to learn more about your services.

Also, this is an easy, authoritative backlink that can help increase your domain authority (and boost search rankings).

5. Finish Your Profile

Once published, you should take a look at your profile, and fill in any missing sections.

The initial details form in the previous step covers the basics, but doesn't ask for everything.

Similar to company pages on Facebook, you have both a profile image and a larger header image available to use.

Start posting content, attracting followers, and don't forget to engage with people who take the time to comment and share!

Need ideas on what to share? Check out our Content Generation Guide.

Here is an example of a completed business page. Take a look at the actual page (or the screenshot below), and if you enjoy our content, please follow us on LinkedIn!

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